Transgender Health Services For 黑料网 Students

黑料网 Student Health Services is committed to providing gender affirming health services for transgender and gender diverse students. Each student has their own unique needs: medically, psychologically, and biologically. At 黑料网, Student Health Services supports our students with an integrative and holistic approach that includes a collaborative team of professionals. Students seeking care will be offered information, resources, referrals, and services to support their health and wellness. All appointments are free in the clinic. The only costs are for laboratory tests and pharmaceuticals. We are able to provide both lab tests and pharmaceuticals at greatly reduced prices.

Gender Affirming Medical Services

  • Initiation and maintenance of feminizing and masculinizing hormone therapy.听For more information, watch these videos: or
  • Pharmacy services
  • Laboratory tests
  • Referrals to mental health services as needed

Understanding the unique goals, needs and concerns of each patient is central to providing gender affirming services at Student Health Services. If you are interested in transition or gender affirming medical services, please make an appointment with our case manager听as part of the initial process. Call (562) 985-4771听to schedule your appointment.

During your first appointment, our case manager will review your health history with you. Obtaining medical records for hormone therapy is required for continuing management of your hormone therapy at Student Health Services. Our case manager can assist you with this. A letter of support from a mental health professional is not required for maintaining hormone therapy at Student Health Services. At this time, we are not initiating hormone therapy.

At your second appointment, you will be meeting with a medical provider who has a special interest and training in transgender health. During this appointment, your provider will review your health history and order any necessary lab tests. A prescription will be provided for hormone therapy, if requested. If you are using an injectable medication, training for self-injection can be provided by our Registered Nurse. Most hormone therapy prescriptions are available at our pharmacy at the lowest possible cost.

Summary of steps if interested in maintaining hormone therapy:

  • Schedule appointment with SHS Case Manager
  • Communicate your goals and needs to SHS Case Manger (or your medical provider)
  • Have previous medical records transferred to SHS (case manager will help with this process)
  • Schedule appointment with SHS medical provider
  • Schedule self-injection training with SHS RN (if needed)

On-Campus Resources

Mental Health Services
If you experience gender dysphoria, are seeking a gender confirming procedure such as surgery, and require a letter of support, the Trans Care team at the Counseling and Psychological Services office is happy to help. The first step is to call 562.985.4001 to schedule an intake appointment.

When you schedule the appointment, please inform the staff that you are seeking an evaluation for a gender confirming procedure. This will ensure that you are seen by a member of the Trans Care team. Counseling and Psychological Services also provides brief individual counseling, group therapy, crisis intervention, psycho-educational presentations, drop-in support groups, and referrals to support students鈥 overall mental health and wellness.

Please call 562.985.4001 for appointments. Look at the Counseling and Psychological Services website for more information.

LGBTQ Student Cultural Resource Center
The Resource Center offers Information, resources, support, community and activities. The Resource Center is located on campus at FO4-165. Phone: 562.985.4585

Rainbow Cafe
This is an inclusive space for students at 黑料网 in support of sexual and gender diversity. Join us for hot tea, good conversations, connection, and coloring. Topics of conversation relate to what it means to be you and sharing your stories about how we navigate expectations within our communities.

All-Gender Restrooms
All-gender restrooms on campus are located in four buildings on campus. In the Student Health Services, we offer mostly gender neutral restrooms. Click this link to see the map of All Gender Restrooms.

Off-Campus Resources

  • offers medical care, dental care, PReP, PeP, and a variety of other supportive services.
  • offers support, resources, testing, and community for LGBT persons in Long Beach.
  • offers medical care, support, resources, testing and more.
  • offers comprehensive information and medical care.
  • is one of the leading organizations researching, providing information, support and medical care for transgender persons in the United States.
  • This handout developed by GLAAD provides a useful, quick read before meeting with your clinical provider.
  • is a world professional organization that provides training, conferences, and referrals to medical providers specializing in transgender care.