We are thrilled you are interested in returning to The Beach to continue pursuing your academic goals! There are various paths to readmission at for those who qualify.

Note: Degree-seeking students who are on an approved Educational Leave do not need to apply for readmission.

How Do I Apply for Readmission?

Take the quiz during the readmission window to see if you qualify.

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Learn more about the different pathways to apply for Readmission:

In most cases, students interested in returning to will need to re-apply to the university by . Certain exceptions apply. Take the quiz to see which readmission pathway is right for you!

Select a pathway below to learn more about each process and general qualifications:

If you left in good academic standing or were on academic probation and wish to complete your original degree program, you may qualify to submit a Request for Readmission Consideration form.This form provides 's Office of Admissions with the foundation to begin reviewing your qualifications for returning to The Beach.

Note: If you attempted units at another college or university or through 's College of Professional and Continuing Education, you will not qualify for this pathway. You will need to submit a new application to through

If you left in good academic standing or were on probationand attempted units at another college or university or ’s College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE), you will need to submit a new application to through Cal State Apply. Because you will have new units from another institution on your academic record, you will be considered a Returning Transfer Student.

Explore Transfer Admission Guidelines Below:

Formerly disqualified students may seek reinstatement if interested in returning to The Beach.

Minimum Criteria for Reinstatement:

  • Reduce your grade point deficiency by at least half
  • Meet the Major Specific Declaration Requirements
  • Demonstrate an ability to complete your chosen major within established university policies

To apply for Reinstatement, follow the guidelines below:

  • Understand the application deadlines for your desired reinstatement term
  • Apply by the priority application deadline through
  • Complete and submit a
  • Submit official transcripts for all work completed and in-progress since disqualification

Electronic copies of official transcripts may be sentdirectly from your college or universitytoES-IDPTrans@csulb.eduor mailed to:

ATTN: Enrollment Services
California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd., BH-101
Long Beach, CA 90840

Official transcripts cannot be forwarded by the student.

Note:Transcripts from ’s College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE) do not need to be submitted.

For more support regarding Reinstatement, explore the Academic Standing and Appeals page andAcademic Advisingresources.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Select a question below to view the answer. You may also use the Ask Elbee chatbot in the bottom right corner of your screen to ask additional questions.

If you attempted any coursework after attending , you need to re-apply to the university through by the priority application acceptance deadline. View Key Dates and Deadlines.

If you would like to select a different major than the major you had previously pursued while at , you will need to re-apply through by the priority application acceptance deadline. View Key Dates and Deadlines.

You will receive an email regarding your admission status after the Office of Admissions has reviewed your readmission application and any required documents.

Please allow at least 2-4 weeks for your application to be reviewed.

Applicants are required to maintain a current email address on file with the university and to check their email regularly. You may update your email address or check the status of your admissions application at any time by visiting Applicant Self-Service.

Admission denials are made only after an extensive review of academic qualifications and weighing those qualifications against the competitive nature of 's applicant pool. These decisions are rarely overturned. Denial appeals are considered only for extraordinary reasons beyond the control of the applicant.

For an appeal to have merit it must contain new, serious, and compelling information that clearly shows you to be academically stronger than in your earlier application. Mistakes in your original application are not grounds for an appeal. Additionally, the prospect of a stronger academic performance in the current term is also not sufficient for an appeal.

If you are interested in submitting an Admissions Appeal, follow these guidelines:

  1. no later than 15 days (about 2 weeks) after the receipt of your original Admissions decision. Appeals submitted via hard-copy letter, email or fax are not accepted.
  2. Your submission must clearly outline new and compelling reasons for appealing the decision.
  3. Supporting documentation is required.
  4. Letters of recommendation and personal statements or essays are not considered in the Admissions process at and cannot be submitted as part of your appeal.
  5. You may not appeal to be placed on the Wait List.

The Office of Admissions will send you an email within 4-6 weeks with a response to your appeal request. Only one appeal may be submitted for an academic term.

Check the Colleges and Departments page to confirm that your major is still offered at . Also, be aware that if you have taken upper division coursework in your major (300-400 level courses), you may need to work with your college to see if that coursework is still valid for your program’s requirements. Typically, these courses must be completed in the last ten years.

Please note that some courses may not be eligible for revalidation, and you may ultimately need to repeat courses in order to meet your degree requirements.

If you still need support with Readmission after reviewing this page, use the Ask Elbee chatbot in the bottom right corner of your screen to ask a question any time. You may also Contact Admissionsby submitting a help ticket.