Cancel Admission

We’re sorry to see you go! Explore the instructions below about how to cancel your admission to .

Your request must be submitted before the first day of classes for the semester. After that date, you will not be eligibleto cancel your admission and will instead need to follow the instructions for Dropping and Withdrawing.

All cancellations of admission are final.Please be certain of this action before you submit your request. If you would like to attend in a future term, you will need to reapply for admission.

Please note that the Admissions Cancellation form is for newly-admitted students only. If you are a current student (admitted to prior to Spring 2024), you may need to consider applying for an educational leave.

It is not possible to withdraw a submitted application. However, if you receive an offer of admission, you can decline your offer at that time.

  1. Log in to .
  2. Select the “Accept/Decline” link in the Admissions section.
  3. Select the “Next” button to proceed to decline your offer of admission.
  4. Select the “Decline” button.

Follow the instructions for Dropping and Withdrawing.

follow the instructions for Dropping and Withdrawing.

Current students who need to take a break from their studies should consider taking an educational leave, if they qualify, to preserve their eligibility to return in a future term if they decide to do so.

If you need to drop your classes after the deadline to do so for the term (see Key Dates and Deadlines), please follow the Dropping and Withdrawing instructions.