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Contact Information
Name Extension Title Email Address
Aubel, Jo Anna 58482 Cashier
Baquir, Lilibeth 57525 Accounts Payable Technician
Bedolla-Solorzano, Christina 57485 Human Resources Specialist
Cosavalente, Giancarlo 58489 Accounting Manager
Flores, Carmen 52202 Support Services Assistant (ORSP)
Harris, Annette 55430 Accounts Payable Supervisor
Hinderberger, Guy 52714 Facilities Manager
Hong, Annie 58597 Grants and Contracts Administrator
Kaminaka, Tom 58091 Parking Attendant
Kohlenberg, Linda 52589 Accounts Payable Technician
Ksiazek, Loren 51839 Human Resources Coordinator
McClinton, Barbara 52009 Grants and Contracts Administrator
Messing, Mary Ann 58491 Director of Advancement Services
Moreno, Stephanie 57949 Director of Human Resources
Mowl, Kimberly 57362 Purchasing Buyer
Myers, Neria 51694 Grants and Contracts Administrator
Nadolski, Terry 58486 Payroll/HR Assistant
Nowlin, Brian 58514 Chief Operating Officer
Perez, Odalis 58147 Administrative Coordinator & Assistant to the AVP
Perkins, Kara 55196 Accounts Payable Technician
Pinsky, Lana 58487 Payroll Supervisor
Pruitt, Bridgette 58514 Director of AIPS/Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
Raitz, Greg 55439 Director of CMS Finance
Reyes, Arlene 58596 Director of Finance and Reporting
Strategos, Bessie 52444 Grants and Contracts Administrator
Taylor, John 55878 Associate Director of HR and Payroll Services
Thoen, Mary 55633 Grants and Contracts Administrator
Trocadero, Crystal 55316 Interim Senior Director, Sponsored Programs
Valenzuela, Lucio 57779 Building Engineer
Wantje, Indah 55537 Lead Receptionist
Wilcox-Hamagishi, Shelly 58091 Parking Attendant
Vacant 57950 Associate Director HR and Benefit Services