Explore Resources and Plan Your Path

For Students Between 0-29 Units

Milestones to Your Degree

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Explore these key steps to planning your path to graduation.

  • SOAR: Attend the mandatory┬áorientation,┬á┬áadvising, and registration┬áprogram before you begin classes at ║┌┴¤═°.

  • ░ń┤ă│ż▒Ŕ▒˘▒­│┘▒­╠řGeneral Education Foundation Courses┬áand exploratory courses.

  • Learn about┬áMy║┌┴¤═°╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň╠řBeachBoard.

  • Mandatory First-Time/First-Year┬áAdvising: Learn about this university requirement, your assigned college advising center, and resources that will support your academic success.

  • Majors: Learn how to declare a pre-major, major, minor or certificate.

  • Major Specific Requirements:┬áBegin to satisfy┬áintroductory courses┬árequired to explore the major you have selected.

  • Undeclared/Exploring: Receive guidance from the University Center for Undergraduate Advising as your explore majors┬á.

  • Degree Planner: Utilize this tool to help┬ámap your course path to graduation.┬á

Important Student Resources

Campus services that support your with your academic and personal acclimation to the Beach.

  • Financial Aid: Overview of the various types of aid, award timeline and FAQs.

  • : Overview of programs and services to promote your personal, intellectual and social development.┬á

  • : Explore your access to BeachMail, advising, BeachBoard,┬ástudent organizations and more!

  • Student Life: Explore your campus community from athletics to student clubs to upcoming events.

  • Personal Support:┬á┬áDiscover counseling services to help you meet your academic and personal goals.

  • : Conquer the financial challenges of college and beyond.

  • Campus Map: Identify class and office locations.