One-on-One Spiritual Development & Guidance with Kira-Kira


We are not our age, we are our energy.

Kira-Kira is an equestrian, artist, metaphysician, and life coach with over three decades of lived experience and success in mental and spiritual wellness practices.  She has studied healings arts through many modalities as an autodidact and with mentorship, from around the world. She now specializes in decolonized mental wellness through her private practice.  She is a healing catalyst and creative muse endowed with many spiritual gifts and has helped countless people find their truth and get out of deep depression.  Some people have even said, that simply being in her presence can steer up deep contemplation and self-reflection, which renewed their energy and motivation for life again! Book your session with her today.

Spiritual Growth & Development

  • Intuitive dream interpretation and life path reading.

  • General guidance and council on a varitey of wellness subjects.

  • You must address these chakras before you can properly ascend others.

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Did you know that Astrology is a sacred tool in the belief system of many cultures and religions, including more seemingly secular religions like catholicism?  We honor our ancestral cultural practices and vibrant, beautiful, spiritually rich ways of self-care and self-development. We break nasty cultural biases, stereotypes, and ignorant misunderstandings by bringing honor and awareness to traditions that provide a multitude of healing to all human beings on this planet.

In honor of this Eclipse Season Kira is offering donation-based mini birth chart reading so you can start the very important journey of self-discovery, and the vital process of actualizing your importance in this world. 

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