Therapeutic Equestrianism Foundation
(Cowgirls For Equine Therapy) 

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CET Posse Therapeutic Equestrianism Foundation (pronounced Set Posse), is a Black-owned, woman lead, racially ethnic-centered, mental wellness foundation. We specialize in offering alternative decolonized mental health services, utilizing the healing power of horses, nature, art, and ancestral traditions, to help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. We offer culturally sensitive online and in-person events that are open to the general public; as well as one-on-one life coaching and spiritual guidance.


Our Story

We came together as women with a heart for the equine lifestyle and a desire to improve the quality of life in our communities.  We are not traditional cowgirls. We use the word cowgirl as an affectionate homage.  People who share our values and believe in our mission, of all different races, ethnicities, genders, and beliefs volunteer for our foundation.  



Our Mission

Our goal is to provide culturally sensitive and inclusive therapeutic experiences to our clients and event patrons.  To offer decolonized therapeutic services to those who are seeking. To bring awareness of ancestral-based alternative mental wellness practices, by offering a variety of equine, art, and nature-based experiences, that are culturally literate and respectful.  


We provide low to no-cost experiences.  We work with individuals, families, community clubs, small business owners, corporate teams, schools, and the military.

Our Goals

We seek to remind people of the healing power of horses and nature and to empower our communities to heal through alternative experiences.  We are developing a broad range of radically inclusive programs centered around decolonized wellness practices.  Our programs being developed include youth programs, accessibility programs, specialized initiatives for prison reform, the homeless community - Backpack Luv™, and woman's domestic violence shelters.  As well as job and career development. 


With stress at an all-time high because of CoVid-19, police brutality, civil unrest, unemployment, and social pressure; we are in a mental health crisis.

Now, more than ever we need mental healthcare resources that cater to the most neglected, misunderstood, and underrepresented in our communities. We focus on healing these communities through representation and developing programs and partnerships that help support our goals.


Our ultimate goal is to break stigmas, stop racial biases, and heal racially ethnic communities via culturally sensitive and decolonized therapeutic services and events.

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It Takes a Posse!



Founder Kira Domonique talks about the healing powers of horses and her latest film on WFHB ArtBeat radio show.

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