2020's Declorations Remembered

With the new kiloyear upon us, I sit in deep contemplation on the years gone by. All the ups and downs have made for a beautiful array of experiences. As children get older and we get wiser I feel epiphanies start to rush over us all, at the same time. For better or worse. I am thankful to be alive.

Pouring myself into my family will always be my priority; so it has been a long time coming since I was able to have time to focus on my career uninterrupted. This year, 2020, I will be looking to give back to myself by sharing my skills, knowledge, and passion for Filmmaking, Entrepreneurialism, Innovation, and Philosophy.

Creating platforms to empower women in media and film. And using my Navy Medical Corpsman Skills in PTSD training, to give back to the everyday people in my community. A world that was and is still there for me. For better or worse. Grateful.


The above were my goals and declorations for 2020 when I created this website and set out to live my life to the fullest. Following my heart and passions. Looking back I am proud to say that I've proven myself to myself. Looking ahead, I am excited to acomplish even more success and abundance. Thank you to everyone who has held my hand, wiped my tears, and filled my cup. Beacuse of you, I continue to succeed. Let's keep eachother lifted high and continue to reach greatness together in 2021 and beyond. Stay Grateful!