I Know What I'm Made Of

I know what I'm made of. I'm made of early mornings and restless nights. Hard to lay me down cause I put up a fight. You may not see me coming and you may not realize where I'm coming from. But I know deep down inside, what I'm made of.

I know why I'm not afraid. I'm made of wins and losses, losses and wins. Insomnia, and missed appointments. Days where I slept in. Just to turn it all around on it's head, making way, catching wind. I know what I'm made of. Even in those lost moments when I forget what I'm made of.

Finding what I'm made of is like finding buried treasure. Even if I loose it, I know what's there. I know what's buried. I know what's hidden. I know what I'm made of.

And like good luck on a bad day I always end up unearthing that treasure some how, some way. So even, when I loose it, I'm not afraid, cause at the end of the day - I know what I'm made of.

I know what's there, what's buried deep down inside. And I know that each and every time, luck will err on my side. I always find my way back to that treasure in the nick of time. Because every time, every day, every moment, in every way ... I KNOW WHAT I AM MADE OF.

Written By: Kira Domonique

portrait by: Akiane Kramarikhi

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