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Cambridge, MA native Kira is an unapologetic Black Indigenous woman who has a rocky love affair with words.  A Navy Medical Corpsman Veteran, and owner of two businesses - a film production company (Kira D Productions) which houses many different entertainment projects, and an alternative mental wellness foundation (CET Posse - Therapeutic Horsemanship Foundation) which houses many different forms of holistic alternative healing experiences, services, and events, both virtually and on location.  She is the first Black woman in the state of Indiana to own a therapeutic horsemanship organization that focuses on healing marginalized communities and specializes in minority mental wellness.


She finds bliss through helping others based on her lived experience, military background, and college education in marketing, film production, philanthropic, and nonprofit studies. Kira recently started the ChikFlix™ series on YouTube and Sacred Spaces™ virtual events to start having tough conversations with her social media community and hone in on topics such as homeschooling, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. Her Creative Artist's Think Tank webinars for entrepreneurs and creative artists in collaboration with other industry professionals have been a refreshing addition to the urgent need to figure out the ins and outs of business for those suddenly finding themselves unemployed.  And for balance, her fun Virtual Pajama Parties proved to be a much-needed break from all the zoom burnout.


Kira's current focus is her latest film production 'The Truth We Hide From', a time capsule of the resurgence of the civil rights fight and CoVid-19 pandemic 2020, and the growth and development of CET Posse™ by developing her Loop of Love Allyships™, which are a collection of community alliances and affiliates worldwide, that share similar community values and support her organization. 

When asked how she does so much, Kira states that she genuinely enjoys the experience of life and is grateful.  Her brand focuses on human rights activism, spirituality, and authenticity. 


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Superior Service Award for Clinical Rotation Medical Externship, Naval VA Center | American Indian Task Force Committee Award, Navy – Task Force Member | Certifications | Nationally Registered CoVid Compliance Officer | Purple Belt - Kenpo | Letter of Recognition from The President of Herberger Theater | Community Volunteer Appreciation Award | A3F (Almost Famous Film Fest) One-Shot Challenge Team Winners - PA/Dance Choreographer/Art Department | IFP (Independent Feature Projects) 48 Hour Film Challenge Team Winners - PA/AD/ Co-writer/Talent | Jaycee | Public Ally (AmeriCorps)

CoVid Compliance Officer KIRA DOMONIQUE

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