University Achievement Awards

We are proud of the accomplishments of ALL our 2024 University Achievement Award recipients.

UAA 2024

Dr. Christine Whitcraft, Biological Sciences

Christopher Miles, Art

Dr. Selena Nguyen-Rodriguez, Health Sciences

Andrea Caban, Theatre Arts

David Teubner, Design

Neal Terrell, Computer Engineering & Computer Science

Dr. Eileen Luhr, History

Dr. Belinda Daughrity, Speech-Language Pathology

Dr. Perla Ayala, Biomedical Engineering

Marian Stewart, Art

Dr. Shae Miller, Sociology

Dr. Heather Macias, Teacher Education

Dr. Loretta Ramirez, Chicano & Latino Studies

Dr. Raisa Hernández Pacheco, Biological Sciences

Dr. Pei-Fang Hung, Speech-Language Pathology

Dr. Tom Maricich, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Emily Marquez, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Rahul Vishwakarma, Computer Engineering & Computer Science

Destiny Gilliland, Psychology